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IWILDS 2020 is collocated with the CIKM 2020 conference. As the CIKM 2020 will be a fully virtual conference, the IWILDS workshop will also be held online. We will release the participation information as soon as possible.

Web search is one of the most ubiquitous online activities, commonly used for learning purposes, i.e. to acquire or extend one’s knowledge or skills about certain topics or procedures. The importance of learning as an outcome of Web search has also been recognized in research at the intersection of information retrieval, human-computer interaction, psychology, and educational sciences. When learning by searching the Web, individuals are confronted with an unprecedented amount of information of varying quality. Thus, successful learning on the Web requires high degrees of self-regulation and might be supported by an adequate design of search or recommender systems and training tools. Search as Learning (SAL) research examines relationships between querying, navigation, and reading behavior during Web search and the resulting learning outcomes, and how they can be measured, predicted, and supported.

Building on the growing research community of SAL, IWILDS provides an interdisciplinary forum in a full-day workshop that consists of keynotes, presentations of accepted papers, and discussion. The intended audience consists of researchers and practitioners from the general areas of computer science, psychology, information science, and educational science.